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How To Dye Clothes With Dyes?

  The steps of clothing dyeing can be divided into three parts: choosing the right cloth, cleaning clothes before dyeing and bedding the work space of clothes dyeing.
Choose the right cloth: Most dyes are suitable for natural cloth, so if you're going to dye clothes made of polyester or other synthetic materials, you may need to look for a special dye blend or choose another one.
Cleaning clothes before dyeing: Before dyeing, make sure the selected clothes is clean. Cleaning clothes with normal warm water washing procedure and detergent. Make sure that all stains have been removed before proceeding to the next step.        You can also use bleach to make your clothes whiter. Pure white clothing will give a more pure color effect than yellowwhite clothing. There is no need to dry clothes after washing, because in fact, clothes must be wet during the dyeing process.
Bedding the work space of the clothes dyeing:Dyeing clothes will cause the work space dirty,you can use plastic sheets or layers of newspaper bedding the workspace.Also you should prepare sponge and tissue nearby to use if the dye spills.



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