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What Does MSDS Mean

Material Safety Data Sheet is internationally known as material safety data sheet or chemical material safety assessment report, referred to as MSDS report. The MSDS evaluation test report describes the hazard of the chemical to human health and the environment and provides information on how to safely handle, store and use the chemical; it is a report on the flammability, explosion performance, toxicity and environmental hazards of hazardous chemicals. It is a comprehensive document of information on safe use, leakage emergency treatment, main physical and chemical parameters, laws and regulations, etc.; it is to clarify the physical and chemical properties of chemicals (such as pH value, flash point, flammability, reactivity, etc.) A document that documents the possible hazards to health (such as carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, etc.), and is an important report for transmitting information on chemical hazards.

In European countries, material safety technology/data sheet MSDS is also called safety technology/data sheet SDS (Safety Data sheet). The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) uses the SDS term, while the United States, Canada, Australia, and many countries in Asia use the MSDS term. In order to be in line with the international standard eqvISO110-14-1:1994 (E), China has also formulated the relevant standard GB/T16483-2008 "Chemical Safety Data Sheet Content and Item Sequence", which stipulates that MSDS should have 16 parts.

MSDS is a service provided to users. Manufacturers should provide users with safety instructions along with chemical products, so that users can understand the relevant hazards of chemicals, and can take the initiative to protect them when using them, so as to reduce occupational hazards and prevent chemical accidents. Developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and the European Union have generally established and implemented the MSDS system, requiring manufacturers of hazardous chemicals to provide a safety instruction sheet for the product when they sell, transport or export their products. Whether it is domestic trade or international trade in all countries in the world, sellers must provide legal documents descriptive of products. Due to the different legal documents of chemical management and trade in various countries and even various states in the United States, some of them are changed every month, so if the provided MSDS is incorrect or the information is incomplete, you will face legal responsibility. Therefore, the writing quality of MSDS is an important symbol to measure the strength, image and management level of a company.



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