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Liquid Indigo Blue

  • Liquid Indigo Blue
  • Liquid Indigo Blue
  • Liquid Indigo Blue
  • Liquid Indigo Blue
Liquid Indigo BlueLiquid Indigo BlueLiquid Indigo BlueLiquid Indigo Blue

Liquid Indigo Blue

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Our company main product are reductive liquid indigo,reductive liquid bromine indigo and 4B blue.Among them,reductive liquid blue is the only patented product for domestic invention.It has become the only company in China with perfect technical services and industrial standards.

This product, reductive liquid blue, eliminates dust pollution and odor transfer in the process of reduction in the original traditional chemical process, and makes the operation environment more environmentally friendly.

Using electrolytic reduction, the reduction method is safer and the risk is lower, so that the dyed product is pure blue, without any gray, green, purple and other colors.

1. The product has good fluidity, uniform concentration and stable flow rate.

2. The dyeing luste『 is even, full and b『ight.

3. Good color fastness, core penetration, easy to wash all kinds of water, clear hierarchy;

4. Environmental protection and energy saving, reduce solid waste discharge.

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